A bizarre incident led to the arrest of a San Angelo man during the early hours of Monday, July 27th. Seth Moore called the San Angelo Police department to help locate and rescue his girlfriend from the AC vents in the Edmund Baptist Church which eventually led to Moore's arrest.

After Seth Moore placed his 911 call, police arrived, and Moore again explained that his girlfriend was trapped in the AC unit and vents of the church after they entered the church earlier that night. Officers understandably became suspicious as they continued to question Moore about his dirty clothing, and then finding some of Moore's personal possessions in the church building. Also, there was no trace of a girlfriend being trapped in the vent or AC unit, however officers did find damage to same AC unity and window frames.

Edmund Baptist Church officials elected to pursue charges against Seth Moore confirming that he did not have permission to be inside the church building. After Moore's arrest, officers did find 18 grams of marijuana in his possession, and perhaps not surprisingly, officers suspect that Moore may have been under the influence of an intoxicant during the incident.

Seth Moore of San Angelo has been charged with Criminal Trespass, State Jail Felony Criminal Mischief Damage/Destruction to a Place of Worship, and Class B Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana.