When you’re at your worst, they are at their best!


As we get older, health issues seem to happen a little more often, and sometimes a bit more serious than we might think.

I recently got ill and developed a pretty good case of dehydration and stomach issues. I powered down supplement beverages to hydrate and power bars to maintain some energy, but just couldn’t seem to improve.

My wife suggested a trip to the Shannon Emergency Room for assistance, and the Shannon Team was very efficient in getting me headed in a better health direction.

The nurses were first rate, answering any questions I had, and explaining what was going to happen next. Most of the tests were expected, like the blood test. The Flu test was not a pleasant surprise.

Two bags of fluid, one shot, an x-ray, and a complete work-up later, I’m headed home.

It’s nice to know that when your health is not great, the great staff at the Shannon E. R. is ready to make your recovery the best experience that it can be.

My wife Mary loves her Doctor and the staff at Community Medical Center. We’re blessed to have the great medical providers at Shannon & Community!