Every so often, we get an email from someone in Norway, Sweden, and now Finland!

courtesy photo

Greetings from Finland from the guy you see in the picture above. As you see, I am already somewhat mature, that is 11th of January I will be 63 years old.

I live in Helsinki suburb called Laajasalo, which actually is an island in Gulf of Finland.

This is quiet, green place to live. I am recently divorced, so I have a lot of time for my radio hobby. Besides DXing and radio I collect books, as you already may have guessed. I work with colours for 15 years, my former business internet page is www.ncscolourfin.com. Now I am retired.  DX-ing, or trying to catch foreign radio stations has been my main hobby since 1968, that is 46 years now. In that time I have heard and identified about 1200 stations from 205 countries

I have with my friends bought from Lapland nearly one square kilometre of lakes, ponds, creeks and swamp. Yes, a lot of swamp. Therefore the land cost us next to nothing. There is some dry soil included and there is a little bit of ancient forest and our cabin. The place is called Aihkiniemi, which translates to “ The Old Pine Cabin”. You can see the named old pine in the attachments. We have put around 11 antennas which are each 700 -1000 metres long.  Here is a photo of one of our antennas during summer time. On DVD you can see me with hammer while building Aihkiniemi and me checking antenna which goes over a frozen lake.

We listen with multichannel Perseus digital receivers connecter to Acer Laptops and 2 TB hard disks.

That’s me in the summer of 2010 building antennas on swamp equipped against mosquitoes.

Last March spent a week in Aihkiniemi with my friend Jari Sinisalo. Conditions were good, nearly excellent and I heard hundreds of new stations. Your station I heard as follows:


Best regards
Lauri Niemi