Angelo State University has announced that the Academic, Clinical, and Student Affairs Committee of the Texas Tech University System Board of Regents approved changing the name of ASU’s College of Health and Human Services to the “Archer College of Health and Human Services.” The naming becomes official upon approval of the full board tomorrow, Oct. 9.The action comes with acceptance of a $5 million gift from the James B. and Lois. R. Archer Charitable Foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Archer made the gift to ASU through their Foundation to help expand the facilities that support the health and human services curriculum. “Lois and I are so happy to be able to give back to the community, and we are hopeful that the gift will contribute to the continued growth and development of ASU”, said James Archer.

“The Archers’ philanthropy is a terrific statement about their ability to envision the future for our students in health and human services,” ASU President Brian J. May said.

In June the Texas Legislature and Governor Greg Abbott approved House Bill 100 which allowed for funding of a new building for the College of Health and Human Services, and the Archer Foundation gift extends funding such that further programs can be added.

“We are so grateful to the Archers for their most generous contribution,” said Dr. Leslie Mayrand, Dean of the renamed Archer College of Health and Human Services. “Their gift will have a direct impact on future generations of students that will devote their lives to promoting optimal health for the clients they will serve. We will be able to increase enrollment in our current programs such as nursing, but we will also have the opportunity to propose new ‘high demand’ programs such as occupational therapy.”

Mr. and Mrs. Archer, founders of the James B. and Lois R. Archer Charitable Foundation, have lived throughout Texas all their lives. In 1993, they started a new company, Multi-Chem, in their garage in Midland, Texas.

In 2004, they moved the headquarters to San Angelo where they were able to hire the people needed to support the company’s expansion. By 2011, the company had become the fourth largest oilfield production chemicals company in the world. In October 2011, they sold the company to Halliburton.

The James B. and Lois R. Archer Charitable Foundation’s main goal is to improve the welfare of children and of the elderly. The Foundation has given millions of dollars in grants to local charities as well as to national organizations. The Foundation is working closely with MD Anderson Children’s Hospital supporting research projects related to pediatric cancer, as well as with their Neuro-Degeneration Center where a cure for Alzheimer’s is being developed.