This Saturday, October 10, Mr. Ron Knight, Master Gardener will give a presentation about “Rainwater Harvesting”.

You will learn why it is important to collect rainwater, how to set up a system and what size system is best for your needs. Immediately following the presentation, you can caravan to Mr. Knight’s home where you will see his extensive rainwater catchment system and tour the gardens he maintains with his rainwater.

The meeting will be at the Southside Recreation Center at 2750 Ben Ficklin Rd. in San Angelo. The seminar begins at 9:00 a.m. Refreshments and door prizes. Cost is $10 per person. Call to reserve your space and assure materials: 325-656-3104.

Proceeds from these seminars go toward building the Children’s Adventure Garden under construction and scheduled to open in the fall. For information about The People/Plant Connection go to our website: