Last week, former Texas Tech wide receiver/kick returner Jakeem Grant wowed scouts at Texas Tech's Pro Day with an insanely fast 40-yard dash. According to Texas Tech Athletics, in the video above, Grant ran a 4.34.

However, one Texas Tech fan wanted to find out for himself, so he took the video TTU Athletics posted online and overlayed a timer on the video.

According to the video, the YouTuber named, booyacash, started the timer 0.01 (one one-hundredth of a second) before Grant moves his hand.

Here's a result of the video of Grant's 40-yard dash with the timer overlay (fast forward to the 25-second mark):

The video shows a time of 4.12 seconds for Grant's 40 yard-dash.

Either way, Grant's 40-yard dash time puts him in the top echelon of wide receivers in the 2016 NFL Draft. I'd imagine that if Al Davis was still alive, he would have tried to trade up to take Grant in the first three rounds for the Raiders.