The San Angelo Metropolitan Planning Organization is conducting two surveys regarding the need for bicycle lanes and additional walking trails and sidewalks in the city of San Angelo.

Links to the online surveys can be found at The surveys will be open until Nov. 30, 2015. Each survey consists of six questions and should take less than 2 minutes to complete.

The San Angelo Metropolitan Planning Organization is a stand-alone governmental entity that serves as the transportation planning authority for approximately 116 square miles, including San Angelo and a portion of Tom Green County.

The surveys are meant to gather community opinion and support for bicycle lanes and walking trails and sidewalks. The SA-MPO will present the survey findings to its Technical Advisory Committee and its Policy Board, recommending if and where bicycle lanes, walking trails and sidewalks should be implemented within the city. That process would also involve amending the SA-MPO’s long-range pan.

If the Technical Advisory Committee and Policy Board approve the amendment, the findings will be presented to the San Angelo City Council as recommendations to amend the City’s long-range plan.

For questions regarding these surveys, contact the San Angelo Metropolitan Planning Organization at 325-481-2800 or