Texas has always been known as the Lone Star State, but it wasn't our official nickname until Governor Greg Abbott approved in 2015.

There are actually 63 new approved state symbols and designations for Texas. Governor Abbott decided it was high time we had some official symbols and designations for the great state of Texas.

Here are 10 of the most fun ones.

[via Chron]

  • 1

    Texas has its own hashtag

    Not only Texas, (which is now officially #Texas), but the Texas Tourism Bureau also has one (#TexasToDo) and the Texas Legislature (#txlege).

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  • 2

    Terry County is the grape capital of Texas

    Yep, just down the road! The county seat is in Brownfield, and other towns in the country include Tokio, Meadow and Wellman.

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  • 3

    The cowboy hat is the official hat of Texas

    Not surprising, but since the Governor has approved it, we're bonafide! Plus, the official state footwear is the cowboy boot. So there.

    Josep Pons
  • 4

    The state motto is friendship

    As it should be, since the Caddo word for Texas is Tejas, meaning friends or allies. But remember: Don't Mess With Texas.

  • 5

    We have a state bison herd

  • 6

    The state fiber and fabric is cotton

    Much to West Texas' delight.

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  • 7

    We have an official state pollinator

    And it's the Western Honeybee.

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  • 8

    The Armadillo is officially our state mammal

    I would have thought armadillo would have been in the official road kill of Texas. Or mammal carrying leprosy. But as it stands, it's now the official small animal.

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  • 9

    The guitar is our state musical instrument

    Apropos it is, too. Whether it's Texas Country, Texas Swing (the official music of Texas) or just hearing live music as you're out and about, in Texas, guitar is king.

  • 10

    Rodeo is officially our state sport

    Not football or baseball, no...it's rugged, get dirty, break some bones Rodeo!

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