Texas.gov and the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles are reminding all Texans that the online option for renewing a vehicle registration is still available. With the launch of the new Two Steps, One Sticker program on March 1, 2015, vehicles must first pass an inspection. When ready, Texans can head directly to the Texas site to complete their renewal.

“We want Texans to have access to TxDMV services around the clock,” said Executive Director Whitney Brewster. “The time-saving process of online vehicle registration renewal allows you to take care of business when and where it’s convenient for you."

Remember:  make sure you are using the State’s official website, www.texas.gov, or an official state agency website to complete your online transaction.  Also look for the .gov or .state.tx.us extension which will be present in the URLs of all official Texas state government websites.

The process for taking care of a vehicle registration renewal online is very straightforward:

  1. Get your car inspected. The inspection station will provide you with a Vehicle Inspection Report for your records. This information is also sent automatically to the state’s database. (Note: From March 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016, you may renew your registration without passing a new inspection if your vehicle already has a current, passing inspection unless your inspection and registration stickers expire in the same month. Visit www.twostepsonesticker.com for more details.)
  2. Go online to renew your registration. Texas.gov is the easiest way to access the online service. Your inspection information will already be in the system and you can finish the renewal in just a few minutes.
  3. Receive your sticker in the mail. After verifying your renewal, the county tax office will mail the registration sticker to you.