When it comes to government sites, we've all had the hassle of links that don't work, whole pages that don't work, and so many confusing, roundabout paths, that it's almost easier to go to the actual office. And, you know, that is saying something. However, the official website for the State of Texas has had a makeover. Check it out, and tell us what you think?

Texas.gov is sporting a brand new look and a bit more personality these days – but still offers Texans what they have come to expect from the portal: a simple, secure way to access government information and more than 1,000 online services.

Beyond the technical moves, gotta hand it to Texas.gov for putting some personality into its site

Launched earlier this month, the website has been streamlined to just one page and is, quite possibly, the first-ever state government website to do so. Featuring only what is helpful, important, and official, the team at Texas NICUSA (the private company that operates Texas.gov in partnership with the Texas Department of Information Resources) made extensive use of analytics to understand exactly what Texans used and needed from the website. This insight helped the team design a beautiful, approachable, but very functional experience that offers the general public an intuitive and convenient way to take care of their government business online – everything from renewing their vehicle registration or driver license, to ordering a birth certificate, to applying for or renewing professional licenses, and much, much more!

The website is already garnering attention. It was the recent subject of two industry-based articles by Government Technology and StateScoop. But more importantly, Texans are taking notice. Comments like “Beyond the technical moves, gotta hand it to Texas.gov for putting some personality into its site.” and “I like Texas.gov’s new one-page site.” are validation that users appreciate a government website that isn’t afraid to be personable and friendly, and that a one-page site is a pretty confident step in the right direction of simplifying access to government services for citizens.