5 horrible intersections in San Angelo
Nothing makes us crazier than the drivers in San Angelo. Add busy intersections and it's utter chaos. I work the normal 8-5pm schedules like most citizens of San Angelo, which means I'm always caught in traffic.
3 Grandmas Learn To Get High And Play Cards Against Humanity
This is a MUST watch. Three Grandmas get high for the first time in Washington, where pot is legal, and they love it. As they describe the experience, they play Cards Against Humanity -- even learning what queef means!
We just can't get over the mistaken vaporizer -- dildo, indeed...
Toddler Goes Berserk for Root Beer
At this point, most of us take the sweet, fizzy goodness of soda for granted. But not so much little Noah, who’d never had root beer before. Watch his adorable reaction to taking his first sip of the stuff.

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