Brady Bunch star Susan Olsen has offered a lukewarm apology after delivering homophobic remarks that got her fired from her radio host job earlier in December.

After a December 7 episode of LA Talk Radio’s “Two Chicks Talkin’ Politics,” Olsen and openly gay episode guest Leon Acord-Whiting got into a heated exchange that began when Acord-Whiting publicly called out Olsen for her conservative views. Olsen fired back with a public message and, later, a private ping in which she called the actor a f----- and noted "you are the biggest f----- ass in the world the biggest p----! My d--- is bigger than yours Which ain’t sayin much! What a true piece of s–t you are! Lying f-----!"

Olsen has since insisted on Facebook that she's sorry, and that accusations that she's a homophobe are overblown.

"Somehow the actual apology that I made days ago did not get posted," she wrote. "I am very sorry for ever hurting the LGBT community that I love so much. For that, I am sorry and frankly find it hilarious that I am being called a homophobe. What could be more rediculous [sic]??? I think that the real LGBT community knows that I have and always will support them. I love you!"

As far as apologies go, Acord-Whiting has said it's hardly a convincing one, and told LGBTQ Nation "If she actually issues a genuine apology, I will comment on it. Alas, I’m still waiting."

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