Do you think an eight-year-old boy can be responsible with $10,000 dollars?


Scouting Teaches success through Experience,by Donnie Lunsford

With the help of his mother and grandmother, he proved that such a feat is possible through selling popcorn in San Angelo, Texas. In three short years, Julius Bricker, an eight year old in Cub Scout pack 374, raised over $30,000 in popcorn sales.

For those who assume a benefactor’s influence through a bulk purchase of several pallets might have limited the young man’s need to put feet to the street.

But, you would be wrong.

Julius envisioned an achievement of becoming the top salesman for the Texas Southwest Council while on a visit to the area’s service center. There, he saw a large plaque on the wall with the council’s top popcorn sellers. When he learned that his name could be on that plaque to be recognized as this year’s top seller, he gave a look of certainty to his mother and grandmother and said, “I want my name on that plaque.”

With the help and support of this his mother and grandmother, he hit the streets every day after school and sold over $10,000 in popcorn, which earned him the 2014 Top Popcorn Salesman for the Texas Southwest Council.

This year, Trails End Sale Representative Randell Janak challenged Julius to become the top salesman in Texas or the United States where he would be able to speak at the National Popcorn conference in Orlando, Florida. As a result, Julius decided he needed to top his sales. So he set his goal, made his plan, and executed. This year, he sold more than any scout in the history of the Texas Southwest Council, selling more than $20,000 in popcorn products.

Scouting has allowed this eight-year-old to learn lifelong skills that are not taught in school. Despite his sales prowess, Julius is not a talkative young man. In fact, some even consider him shy. Scouting, his friends and family said, taught him to be confident, strong-minded, and goal-oriented.

“Popcorn sales give boys life skills that we sometimes don’t think about such as how to make and execute a plan based on goals, hard work that is required to be successful, and communication skills,” said Devin Koehler, Texas Trail Council’s scout executive. “Julius’ story is a great example of what Scouting can do for our nation’s youth.”

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