David Ortiz has a most unlikely doppelganger.

Ortiz is clubbing his way into rarefied air as he approaches his 500th career home run, a number which will enhance his already solid Hall of Fame credentials (although there is that matter of PEDs, but we're not going to dredge that up right now).

Big Papi's legacy among the faithful of Red Sox Nation is unimpeached, but there's something else he should be remembered for and it has nothing to do with baseball.

You see, Ortiz is a dead ringer for Esther Rolle, the actress who played Florida on the classic 1970s sitcom Good Times. Don't believe us? See for yourself:

Bud Yorkin Productions, Getty Images

Rolle passed away at the age of 78 in 1998, following Ortiz's second season in the majors. To that point, Papi was an unremarkable player who had put up pedestrian numbers, at best, with the Minnesota Twins. At the time of her death, Rolle had a resume in which she appeared in nearly four dozen TV shows and movies.

If they ever decide to remake Good Times, this Dominican who's a bigger hero in Boston than Paul Revere should get a crack at playing Florida. That's some out of the (batter's) box casting.

Here she is in one of her most memorable scenes in Good Times, reacting after the death of her husband, James, followed by a look at some of Ortiz's career-defining heroics in the playoffs.