The average cost of a home in San Angelo is about $275,000. We're talking about a nice family sized home, hardwood floors, a pool, and probably a fireplace or two. However, did you ever wonder what $2,800,000 would get you here? Lucky for you, we've got the answer.

As you can see from the pictures above, that is what you get for 2.8 mil. Just to break that mind boggling number down, this is what is includes: 4 bedrooms, 3 full and 2.5 bath, a den, a breakfast room, 2 car garage, 2 stories, and is 3,393 sq. feet. And, yes, this is listed as a single family home.

It is West Texas, so most people looking to buy a home want that pool to go with it. You know just how blazing hot it gets here during the summer time. Well, while this home doesn't have a pool in it's backyard, it's backyard is essentially on it's own private peninsula on Lake Nasworthy with a deck, patio, and it's own private dock (for all you boat enthusiasts).

If you've got that 2.8 million just burning a hole in your pocket, you can always contact Ryan Newlin for a showing. But, if you're like the rest of us, you can drive by and gawk at this beautiful house at 1590 S Concho Dr., unless there is a no trespassing sign. If that's the case, then skedaddle, and satisfy your gawking needs with the photos above.

Editor's Note: This was the most expensive home in San Angelo that we found on