With last week's cold snap and the first day of winter coming up next week, it got me to thinking. What is the coldest temperature, on record here in San Angelo? 

Being raised in southwest Missouri, and having lived in Kansas and Maryland, I'm pretty much used to cold temperatures, however, I didn't say I liked them.

Thanks to the folks a climateSpy.com, I found the information I was looking for.

Here in the Concho Valley, the decade of the 1980s was by far the coldest. Four of the five coldest readings ever recorded happened during that period.

Here's San Angelo's Top 5 Coldest Temperatures On Record

# 5. 11th of January, 1983  + 5 degrees F

# 4. 2nd of February, 1951 + 1.9 degrees F

(exactly 34 years later)

# 3. 2nd of February, 1985 - 0.9 degrees F

# 2. 23rd of December, 1989 - 4 degrees F

# 1. 25th of December (Christmas Day) 1983 - 5.1 degrees F - Santa Claus must have brought that cold weather with him from the North Pole.