A sewer line warranty program endorsed by the City Council in December will not begin until this fall.

Service Line Warranties of America received state approval for the price rate it proposed charging in San Angelo later than it initially anticipated. That delay forced the company to cancel its plan to launch a campaign here this past spring.

This fall, City of San Angelo water customers will receive a letter on City letterhead endorsing the sewer line warranty program. The letters are expected to be mailed in September. Customers can enroll in the program now by calling Service Line Warranties of America at 866-922-9006 or visiting SLWofA.com.

City officials stress that participation in the program is voluntary and that the City is only endorsing the company involved rather than acting as its agent.

The City Council on Dec. 16 approved allowing Service Line Warranties of America to send to water customers a solicitation letter with the City’s logo. Signed by Neighborhood and Family Services Director Bob Salas, the letter will explain that repairs to sewer lines between homes and the public utility connection are the responsibility of property owners, regardless of the cause. Participation in the Sewer Line Warranty Program provides repair coverage of up to $4,000 per incident with no deductible.

The insurance costs $7 per month or an annual payment of $79. Those who meet an enrollment deadline will get immediate coverage with no standard 30-day waiting period.

“We want to be clear: Purchasing the insurance and participating in the program is strictly voluntary,” Salas said. “The City endorses this company and its program based upon its reputation and because we see it as an affordable way, particularly for low-income households, to avoid repair costs that can run into the thousands of dollars.”

Service Line Warranties of America is also endorsed by the National League of Cities, an advocacy organization for more than 19,000 U.S. cities. The company is also a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with an A-plus rating.