With all the mayhem that is happening in the world, much of it centering around police officers, it is even more important now to recognize the men and women who serve their community and citizens with respect, dignity, and fairness. Each and every day they, without fail, respond to emergencies around the city, at times risking life and limb for the well being of others. So, to recognize the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in keeping San Angelo safe, the San Angelo Police Department does something pretty awesome.

Every year in May, the department honors their employees and volunteers who best exemplify the spirit of public service and outstanding service to the organization during the past year. Aside from thirteen awards categories, the Chief’s Special Awards are given to those who, because of their extra effort or participation, have made the mission of the San Angelo Police Department more attainable.

In early spring, employees are invited to nominate fellow co-workers for consideration in each respective category. After the nomination deadline, the Department’s Meritorious Conduct Board meets to discuss the nominees before selecting the winners, which you can put a face to the name here.

  • Patrol Supervisor of the Year: Sergeant Matthew Vaughn
  • Patrol Officer of the Year: Officer Keith Lane
  • Rookie of the Year: Officer Charles Flores
  • Investigative Supervisor of the Year: Sergeant Doug Thomas
  • Investigator of the Year: Detective Lynn Dye
  • Support Services Supervisor of the Year:  Records Supervisor, Charla Medley
  • Support Services Officer of the Year: Officer Dave Olson
  • Civilian Employee of the Year: IT Systems Analyst, John Welch
  • Communications Officer of the Year: Eric Bryan
  • Community Service Award: Detective Irma Rodriguez
  • Reserve/Retiree Officer of the Year: Officer John Palmer
  • Volunteer of the Year: Police Chaplain Scott Cotton
  • Overall Officer of the Year: Criminal Investigations Division Sergeant, Doug Thomas
  • Chief’s Special Awards: Records Clerk, Jo Bascom and IT Network Administrator, James Gore
  • V.I.P.S. Member Ernest Cano in recognition for 20 years and over 3,000 hours volunteering.
In case you didn't know, it also National Police Week. May 15th was designated by John. F. Kennedy as Peace Officers Memorial Day, so the entire week became Police Week. It is a time taken out of the year to recognize what the men and women in law enforcement, tasked with protecting people, sacrifice. It is a time to remember the officers who have fallen in the line of duty, or have been injured. It is a time to thank these selfless men and women for their service. Thank you.
Help the San Angelo Police Department honor Texas’ fallen peace officers who lost their lives in the line of duty in 2014. The service will take place at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 3 S. Randolph St. Friday, May 15th. The service will begin at 11AM - 12PM.