Local amateur radio operators will participate in Field Day activities this weekend in the field in front of Sam's Club. The public is invited to see demonstrations of satellite, low-power and long-distance radio communications.

Come experience what amateur radio can do first hand, and hand-on starting Saturday, June 27, at 1PM until Sunday, June 28th, at 1PM in front of Sam's Club on Sherwood Way.

The Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL) is amateur radio's national association and hosts field day every year on the last full weekend in June. More than just a contest, field day is a public demonstration of what amateur radio can do for a community during an disaster. Operators spend a 24-hour period off the grid contacting as many stations as possible throughout the United States and Canada. ARRL awards points based on the number of contacts made, with bonus points for Morse Code contacts, operations on alternative energy sources like solar power, contacts through satellite repeaters and the International Space Station, and low-power operations. Additional contacts using digital communications count for bonus points, too.

Field Day provides the public an opportunity to see many aspects of amateur radio. As a hobby, amateur radio provides a rewarding experience for technical minded individuals. But, amateur radio or ham radio is more than a hobby. Radio amateurs provide communications during disasters when the grid is down. No internet, no cell phones, no electricity and ham radio will always get through.