Americans consume all varieties of chile peppers several times a week, but in Texas, summer means Hatch chile season, which recently began at Albertsons Market in San Angelo. Albertsons be having a Hatch Chile Fest roasting events on Saturday and Sunday, the next three weekends, beginning August 8th - 9th.

Hatch Valley is an area in New Mexico that is known for growing some of the best chiles in the world, which are only available approximately one month out of the year.

Albertsons will roast mild, hot and extra hot Hatch chile peppers for guests from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekends in front of their store on Sunset Drive. Hatch chile roasting enables the peppers to blister and shed their skin, making them easier to peel, while also bringing out the natural flavor. This process also provides the familiar later-summer aroma, which is so popular with guests that candles have been created to capture the scent. Joseph Bunting, director of produce for The United Family®, says, 

Hatch chile pepper season is one of the favorites for our West Texas guests. To accommodate demand, we are increasing our Hatch product offerings and are excited to provide the San Angelo community with fresh roasting events over the next few weeks.

For guests enjoying the freshly roasted Hatch chile peppers, Bunting recommends they be refrigerated as soon as possible, but at least within two hours of roasting. The store will also have a selection of roasted Hatch chiles available in their fresh cut produce departments. In addition to roasted peppers on the weekends, Albertsons will also have 22 ounce clamshells and Hatch-stuffed mushrooms available every day as part of the company’s fresh cut offerings.