Let's meet Petey! He's not quite one year old yet, but he's a loveable boy and
quite the "ladies" Man!

Petey is a terrier who's great with kids and gets along well with other dogs.

For more information on adopting Petey or to get an adoption application, go online to http://www.conchovalleypaws.org/ or call 653-8056 for more details!

The City of San Angelo and Concho Valley PAWS are teaming on an effort to significantly reduce the number of unwanted pets that enter the San Angelo Animal Shelter and are euthanized.

“Sadly, thousands of healthy animals are destroyed every year in our local shelter,” said Jenie Wilson, executive director of PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving). “It’s our hope this initiative will help our community understand the link between indiscriminate breeding and our pet overpopulation. It will also make our community aware of some of the available spay/neuter assistance programs so cost will not be a barrier.”

Of the 9,125 cats and dogs that entered the City’s animal shelter last year, 6,838 – or 76 percent – were euthanized.

“Essentially, we’re looking to change the local culture,” City Public Information Officer Anthony Wilson said. “San Angelo has proven we can do that. We’ve dramatically reduced water usage by raising awareness through a steady drumbeat of water conservation messages. Once pet owners fully understand the end consequences of failing to alter their pets – and the benefits of spay/neuter – we’re convinced we will dramatically reduce the number of unwanted animals that are put down each year.”

For pet owners who believe spay/neuter is too expensive, PAWS offers a low-cost spay/neuter voucher program. Vouchers for cats and dogs are sold the first Saturday of each month for $25 and $50, respectively.

PAWS also offers free spay/neuter vouchers for low-income families and for pit bulls, Chihuahuas and mixes of those breeds. Pit bulls and Chihuahuas are easily the two most prevalent breeds at the animal shelter.

“For any pet owner who thinks spay/neuter is too expensive, it’s important to remember it’s a one-time cost that pales in comparison to the total cost of caring for a pet – feeding, veterinary care, kenneling, grooming – over its lifespan,” Jenie Wilson said.