Say hello to this beautiful retriever mix, Butters. Butters is 3 years old, loves making friends with other dogs, he's friendly with cats (when they let him), and he gets along very well with children. In fact, because he's a little older Butters has lots of patience.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering this beautiful dog, text 325-227-9452.

It is no secret that vetting an animal can be expensive. From vaccinations to high risk surgeries, Critter Shack Rescue does not cut corners when it comes to caring for the animals in their program. This group does not shy away from high risk or severe cases.

Taking in animals on a daily basis to provide them shelter and safety beyond living on the streets. Over the past few months they have received many animals with very severe injuries or illnesses. They are asking our followers and supporters for an extra push to allow us to continue what they do to provide for these animals. The vetting has reached above $7500 slowing their intake down.

On average a cats regular vetting costs $85 and a dogs $100. When you add on surgeries and medical treatments due to viruses or diseases contracted, the costs can sky rocket. Every donation, small or large means the world to these animals.

You can donate by clicking here or donations can also be made at

San Angelo Veterinary Hospital
Care of Critter Shack
108 N Milton
San Angelo TX 76901

Critter Shack Rescue
PO Box 192
Wall, TX 76957