He's a "little rascal" that could sure some "new owner" love!

courtesy PAWS

Rascal is a 10 month old Shepherd mix. He's a very sweet and playful dog despite the fact that life so far has been cruel to him.

PAWS took Rascal into their program after receiving a call from the animal shelter about his situation. He went to the shelter with a zip tie around his rear paw. The zip tie had cut off circulation to his foot. He's under the care of a veterinarian but there's no guarantee that his foot will be saved or will need to be amputated.

No matter what happens, PAWS is committed to seeing that Rascal has quality life full of love an happiness, and that's where you come in. Come by PAWS office at the mall and meet Rascal and maybe take him home with you!

For more information, go to conchovalleyPAWS.org