Have you lost some trees during the drought? Are your remaining trees suffering?

At this month’s Lunch ‘n’ Learn Gardening Seminar, Allison Watkins, AgriLife Extension Horticulturist, will be talking about how to take care of your existing trees and what drought tolerant trees are good to plant.

Now is the perfect time to plant new trees.  The class is Friday, November 20 from noon to 1 p.m. Bring your questions about your landscape challenges, too. The class will be held at the Edd B. Keys building, 113 W. Beauregard. It will be in the new offices of the AgriLife Extension service on the first floor. Turn to the right inside the back door.

Cost is only $5 per class. Bring your lunch. The proceeds from the classes will go to The People/Plant Connection build the Children’s Adventure Garden in Padron Park. If you would like more information about The People/Plant Connection, call 325-656-3104 or check out their website at: www.peopleplantconnection.org.