With one week to go before Halloween, the National Retail Federation comes clean on what Americans will spend to celebrate.The NRF's new survey shows that more than 171 million of us will spend on average $82.93 each. That's up more than $10.00 from last year's $74.34. That figures out to about $8.4 billion.

The NRF survey was conducted by Prosper Insights, September 6-13. They polled 6,791 consumers about their shopping plans for Halloween.

According to the results, Americans plan to spend:

$3.1 billion on costumes

$2.5 billion on candy

$2.4 billion on decorations

$390 million on greeting cards

By the way, this survey shows that when it comes to costumes, as a nation, we will spend more on adult duds than those for our children.

$1.4 billion for the big folks

$1.1 billion for the kids