United Blood Services has joined AABB, America’s Blood Centers and the American Red Cross in issuing a critical appeal for blood and platelet donors across the country.


With the nation’s blood supply facing significantly low inventory levels, the blood community encourages individuals throughout the U.S. to schedule an appointment to donate today.

This summer has been especially difficult with the extreme tragedies that have occurred in Orlando, Minnesota and Dallas.  Unfortunately, tragedies like these are totally unpredictable and have an impact on the blood supply in the country. Accidents occur more frequently over the summer months adding even more blood usage.

It’s the blood that has already been collected, screened and tested that is used during an emergency.  Our hospitals need your help to be prepared for immediate use of blood.  After a person donates, it takes anywhere from 24 – 48 hours before the blood can actually be delivered to and used for transfusion in a hospital due to the processing and testing procedures.

In the Concho Valley, the extreme heat has had an effect on mobile drives and the amount of donors coming to the center.  The Zika virus travel restriction has also been a major factor, precluding potential donors from donating for 28 days if they’ve traveled to affected regions.

Hopefully there will be a break on the Zika virus restrictions with volunteer research testing becoming available very soon. Please be pro-active and don’t wait for the next tragedy, accident or other trauma to occur.

United Blood Services Donation Center   2020 W. Beauregard   San Angelo   Hours of Operation:

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday     Noon – 6pm
Wednesday and Friday                   8am – 1.30pm
Saturday                                          9am – 1.30pm 

Mobile Blood Drive:

Friday, July 15th for the Star Trek Premiere at Icon Cinema from 5-9. Donors get a STAR TREK TSHIRT &ICON Cinema gift card for admission that includes a Free large popcorn.