You can help Logan on his day as he is battling serious health issues!

Logan is 5 years old and is battling Lowe Syndrome. It affected his eyes, brain and kidneys. Logan has already had 54 surgeries. He was born with glaucoma and cataracts that made his eyes swell and caused a great amount of pain. Both of his eyes had to be removed.

His kidneys have Renal Fanconi syndrome, which means that nothing that he eats or drinks will provide the necessary nutrients, calcium, & protein that his body needs to grow.
He also has trouble with bone growth, and his doctors have told him that he would never walk, talk, or communicate. To say his life so far has been a major struggle would be a huge understatement.

You can help on Sunday, August 28th, from Noon-8 at Blaine's Pub. Enjoy a delicious meal from the Cooking For Christ Cooking Crew for $10.00 per plate (to go plates will be available), live music, silent & live auctions, and a gun raffle for $5.00 per ticket.

For more information, go to or call Catherine at 325-656-5152, Debbie at 234-1303 or Drema at 763-7250.