From 1957 to 1966, Saturday night's at home meant watching "Perry Mason" on CBS-TV.

It was must-see television at it's best. Now after 50 years, a whole new audience may be able to view a reincarnation of the series that featured the late Raymond Burr, as the famous lawyer who defended the innocent each week. This time around the lead character will be portrayed by this man.

Jason Merritt, Getty Images

According to an exclusive report in Variety, actor Robert Downey Jr, after years of trying, is currently in talks with director Nic Pizzolatto of HBO's "True Detective." The actor hopes to revive the series for TV.

Downey, in the past, even talked about a feature film to revive "Perry Mason", but now seems to think that his pet project may be more suited for the small screen.

Keep your fingers crossed that these two men can perhaps, bring back one of the best courtroom drama's ever to a modern day audience.