A 4-year-old Oklahoma boy was apparently being forced to write with his right hand because his teacher believes being left-handed is evil.

According to KFOR Channel 4, a Pre-K student named Zayde was forced to write with his right hand despite being a lefty. Even worse, his teacher at Oakes Elementary in Okemah sent a letter to his family about how left-handedness is often associated with evil and the devil.

His mother Alisha, who is also left-handed, said that her son normally does everything left-handed. But one day, she noticed he was doing his homework with his right hand.

She asked him why, and he raised his left hand and said: "This one is bad."

When she approached the school, she got little response. The teacher was not suspended or anything. When Channel 4 called the school to ask questions, they got a quick response that they were aware of the situation, then a hangup.

Now, the boy will likely transfer to another class just two months into the school year.

Alisha said she is going to file a formal complaint with the Oklahoma Board of Education.