Homecoming week is one of the most exciting weeks in Angelo State’s fall semester. There are opportunities to score free food, participate in games on campus, and watch the Angelo State Rams take on their opponents in football.

This year’s homecoming week took place from October 11th to October 17th . The theme was “Roscoe Goes on a Magical Adventure” which meant that our mascot was taking a trip to Disney. Luckily, I was able to be a part of some of the events that were going on.

The ASU pep rally is always one of my favorite events of homecoming week. This year was no exception. On Friday night, the Junell Center became filled with students and Angelo State fans. The band, cheerleaders and dance team were full of energy and their performances got the crowd on their feet. During the pep rally, the hosts announced the winners of various contests that were held throughout homecoming week. Each of the student organizations that won cheered in excitement.

After the announcements, the step competition began. The step teams were composed of students from multiple organizations on campus. Throughout homecoming week they competed in preliminary step competitions. The teams who performed at the pep rally were finalists. Every team was dressed in Disney attire, representing a different show or movie. The performances were filled with rhythmic stepping, clapping, chants, and even some dancing. Each of the groups were talented and I was pretty impressed with the choreography. Once everyone presented their routine, the top three winners were announced and the band wrapped up the pep rally with the ASU fight song.

Following the pep rally, was the bonfire. The crowd gathered outside and made their way across the street, next to the intramural fields. Structured in the center of the fields were stacks of wood and a giant post running through the middle. The structure was pretty high, it amazed me at how much work the builders put into creating it. About ten minutes after everyone arrived, the fire began. It made its way slowly from the bottom to the very top, creating a giant flame. Everyone gathered around the fire, and instantly pulled out their cell phones to take pictures. It was really bright and hot, but fourtunately there was a soft breeze in the night. I really enjoyed gathering with others, and socializing with people whom I’ve never met before. The bonfire really is a great way of bringing people together. After about an hour, it was time to extinguish the flames. Everyone took their last photos, and left so they could get ready for the game on the Next day.

On Saturday evening, the Rams hosted the homecoming game against the Texas A&M University-Kingsville Javelinas. Almost every seat in the stadium was filled, so my friends and I had to travel to the other side of the bleachers where we sat with other Angelo State fans who couldn’t find seating on the home side and Javelina fans. It was a very close game and I kept cheering loudly hoping that the rams would take the win.

During halftime, a ceremony was held to announce the winner of homecoming king and queen. Each of the nominees were dressed in formal suits and gowns. The winners were presented with a crown, tiara, and a bouquet of flowers. After fans ran onto the field and created a spirit line, the football players came out, and the game continued. On the last 40 seconds of the game the Rams scored a touchdown and all of the Angelo State fans roared with excitement. We had just won the game.

Angelo State’s homecoming this year was a success. I can’t wait to see what next year’s has in store. Homecoming week is a great way for Angelo State students and fans to gather together to support the Rams and have a great time.