By now you've heard all about the Ashley Madison hacking, and the subsequent release of private account information onto the internet. From some top level politicians and celebs to regular Joe Shmoes, there is a lot of explaining to do.

But, that seems rather far removed from our lovely little town. However, chances are you know someone that has stepped out on their marriage with this website. If you want to get specific you can search emails one by one to see if they're on there, or you can check out this nifty little map.

The kind folks at Tecnilogica did all the work for you. The interactive map above shows just how many people were registered to the site, and even breaks it down by gender as well. You can view the full screen version here.

After just a quick glance at our little slice of West Texas, it seems like the overwhelming majority of registered users were men. San Angelo coming in at 87.5%.

User Number Breakdown of the San Angelo Area:

San Angelo: 5976
Ballinger: 140
Miles: 64
Paint Rock: 52
Sterling City: 43
Mertzon: 36
Robert Lee: 36
Christoval: 28
Bronte: 23