What is a crop mob? It's a number of farmers and gardeners that are willing to share their experience and knowledge with a younger generation. These novice want to be farmers, who don't own any land, can work side by side with the masters, to learn what it takes to plant, harvest, and process a crop. Their only investment is sweat. It's a community thing.

The crop mob movement got it's start in the Triangle region of North Carolina back in 2008. Around 19 people showed up to harvest sweet potatoes. Since then, over 50 crop mobs have sprung up around our great nation. Their actions have helped to create a number of sustainable small farms.

The crops these farms produce are quite diversified and are grown without chemical pesticides, fertilizers and hardly any mechanization. True, the practice is very labor intensive but it can be a great way to get a new generation interested in farming.

These crop mobbers all get together to work, enjoy a meal, talk, and when their finished play and even make music. It reminds me of the old time barnraisings that used to happen on a regular basis years ago. No money is exchanged what so ever. Plus, it's a great a way to build community involvement and also a neat way to keep the lost art of farming alive.

For more information on the crop mob movement, simply google cropmob.org, or send an email to getinvolved@cropmob.org.