DALLAS (AP) — A former Texas parole officer faces up to 20 years in prison for accepting birthday-related bribes from a drug felon who later fled to Mexico.

Breanna Polk of Dallas pleaded guilty Tuesday to wire fraud and awaits sentencing. The 32-year-old worked in Garland.

Prosecutors say Polk in 2007 told a parolee she was going to Florida for her birthday. Investigators say the parolee left $500 on Polk's desk, plus other times provided cash in exchange for favorable parole reports.

The parolee in 2010 fled amid scrutiny in other drug cases. Authorities say the parolee, whose name wasn't released, paid Polk $2,000 to lie and say he showed up as scheduled.

She allegedly searched a crime database for warrants on the fugitive, then sent the information to him via wire communication.