BRYAN, Texas (AP) — Officials say a convicted felon facing trial in the 2014 deaths of a Texas woman and her father killed himself by overdosing on a prescription drug.

The Brazos (BRAZ'-uhs) County Sheriff's Office says autopsy results show 35-year-old Dennis Wayne Brown III died May 18 of a drug overdose.

Jail officials say Brown was prescribed amitriptyline (am-uh-TRIP'-tuh-leen), which treats depression, and hoarded the medicine. Administrator Wayne Dicky said Tuesday that Brown was in a restricted area where inmates are checked every 30 minutes.

Brown was charged with capital murder, arson, burglary and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. The bodies of 32-year-old Noel Devin and 63-year-old Thomas "Mac" Devin were found at her burned house in Bryan.

Brown served 15 years for aggravated robbery and was freed days before the slayings.