Charles Price Braden died at the San Angelo City Landfill. Braden was 67 years old, and Justice of the Peace, J.P. McGuire, ruled the cause of death as medical in nature. No autopsy has been ordered due the cause of death not being criminal in nature.

At 4:06 pm on Tuesday, San Angelo Police and San Angelo Fire Department were sent to the City Landfill for a motor vehicle crash that occurred inside the landfill. The vehicles involved were a gray 2000 Chevrolet pickup and a 2000 Peterbilt truck. Braden was found deceased inside the truck when Police and Fire personnel arrived on scene. The pickup had to be cut by Fire Department personnel in order to remove Braden from the vehicle.  An 11 year male had also been in the pickup and was transported to Shannon Medical Center for non-incapacitating injuries.

Officer Brian Bylsma arrived at the scene to investigate the crash. Justice of the Peace J.P. Mcguire also responded to the scene to conduct his death investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, the cause of death was determined to be medical in nature. Based on witness statements and evidence at the scene, it appeared that Braden had a medical emergency while driving away from the trash dumping area in the landfill. When this occurred, Braden’s vehicle swerved and crashed into a Republic Service truck that was on its way to the dumping area.