Booker Tee, an American bulldog, owned by Walker Woolman of San Angelo, is one of the winning six dogs and six cats to be featured on the Texas Lottery’s upcoming scratch ticket game, Cats vs. Dogs.

Booker Tee and the 11 other winners were the top vote getters in the Texas Lottery’s Facebook photo contest. More than 1,700 dogs and cats were entered in the contest.

“When I saw the contest I knew I had to enter Booker because it was the perfect way to showcase how special he is,” said Woolman.

Woolman says that Booker has never met a stranger and that he adores little kids and puppies. “We love Booker because he’s a clown, he makes us laugh!” said Woolman. “We love him and he is special to us, but it is kind of humbling to know that he has such a huge fan base. The fact that so many people supported him by voting each day really means a lot to us.”

From Nov. 2 to Nov. 16, the Texas Lottery asked Texans, age 18 and older, to upload a photo of their dog or cat to the Texas Lottery’s official Facebook page for a chance to win a spot on the scratch ticket. From Nov. 19 to Nov. 25, visitors to the Texas Lottery Facebook page voted for their favorite dog or cat and the six cat photos and six dog photos receiving the most Facebook likes won the opportunity to have their photo featured on the game.

In addition to seeing their dog or cat immortalized on the $2 Texas Lottery scratch ticket, winners will receive one large novelty version of the Cats vs. Dogs scratch ticket that features their dog’s or cat’s image and 125 Cats vs. Dogs scratch tickets (a $250 value).

When asked what it will feel like to see Booker Tee on the scratch ticket game for the first time, Woolman replied, “I am sure we will be excited, but mostly it will remind us how thankful and blessed we are that all his friends and fans voted for him.”