Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

We have to thank the East Oregonian for providing us with such an awesome headline. They were reporting on the Oakland Athletics pitcher, Pat Venditte, who was making his major league debut, and just happens to a ambidextrous, which, if you may not have know, is quite different that amphibious. We can't help but envision Aquaman in a baseball uniform, throwing some wicked curve balls.

One must ask, exactly how did this happen? Daniel Wattenburger, the East Oregonian managing editor, told,

It’s just kind of a silly mistake, and I’m trying to craft a column about it now. There was just some confusion [about amphibious vs. ambidextrous] from the person laying out the page on Friday night.

Of course, the Oregon newspaper had it's own great take on the typo with their editorial, Our View: Big Frogging Mistake. They take a lighthearted view on the whole mistake, and completely own up to it, and even puts things into perspective by comparing their staff size to that of the New York Times. Basically, when you only have one or two people working on the paper, mistakes are bound to happen. As the editorial succinctly says,

And to think: Just a few weeks ago we were Internet heroes, showing the courage and temerity to publish a letter about farts. Now, we’re lowly Internet zeros, publishing unconsciously about frogs.