Early this morning, a Travis County sheriff's deputy was shot and killed in his backyard at his home in Round Rock, some 15 miles from Austin.

According to Travis County Sheriff, Greg Hamilton, the deputy, identified as Sgt. Craig Hutchinson, had used his police radio about 1:30 a.m. to report some people in his backyard. Moments later, investigators arrived on the scene and found Hutchinson lying on the ground. He was transported to a near by hospital where he was pronounced dead.

At a news conference later, Sheriff Hamilton said that no arrests have been made although authorities are seeking more than one suspect. He also said that the evidence pointed to an attempted robbery of the deputy's shed and not someone targeting a law enforcement officer.

"There's no suggestion that this was an ambush," Hamilton said. "I heard that there's a lot of burglaries going on in this community, and I think this was just one of the burglaries."