This is one of those lists you don't want to make. After the Ashley Madison hackers released the information of millions of account holders, we are pleased to announce that Angelo State University did not make the top 10 list.

The IT team over at InsideHigherEd downloaded the entire list of Ashley Madison members and analyzed it. InsideHigherEd discovered that more than 74,000 unique email addressed were tied to .edu email addresses. 

Now, according to this site, these numbers do not necessarily reflect just students and staff at these colleges. Most schools typically allows graduating students to keep their .edu email addresses, because of this, it is nearly impossible to figure out if the registered users were students, staff, or alumni.

The top 10 colleges with the most .edu accounts registered on Ashley Madison's website:

  1. Michigan State University – 696 accounts
  2. Pennsylvania State University – 679 accounts
  3. Kent State University – 653 accounts
  4. Virginia Tech - 561 accounts
  5. Ivy Tech Community College – 560 accounts
  6. Virginia Community Colleges – 541 accounts
  7. Ohio State University – 487 accounts
  8. University of Minnesota – 485 accounts
  9. University of Michigan – 450 accounts
  10. New York University – 438 accounts