More than 120 Angelo State University faculty and staff members, including 14 with a quarter century or more employment with the university, were honored with Service Awards during ceremonies on Wednesday, May 6, in the Houston Harte University Center on the ASU campus.

ASU President Brian J. May thanked the honorees for their loyalty and dedication to ASU and presented all with awards representing their years of service to the university.

Receiving a 40-Year Service Award was Thomas A. Bankston, Accounting, Economics and Finance.

Receiving a 35-Year Service Award was Terence A. Dalrymple, English and Modern Languages.

Awards for 30 years of service went to Nancy G. Allen, Academic Affairs; Cheryl A. McGaughey, Accounting, Economics and Finance; and Martha G. Trotter, College of Arts and Sciences.

Recipients of 25-Year Service Awards were Esteban Apodaca, Visual and Performing Arts; Denise H. Brodnax, Controller’s Office; Martha P. Cox, Student Accounts/Bursar; Robert A. Garcia, Central Receiving/Supply; Elisa G. Hernandez, Admissions; Helen L. Johnson, Central Receiving/Supply; Alfred Morales, Facilities Management; Jeffrey J. Sefcik, Enrollment Management; and Andrew B. Wallace, Physics and Geosciences.

The 20-Year Service Awards went to Tommy L. Adams, Facilities Management; Paul M. Kalina, Facilities Management; Pamela S. Lee, Visual and Performing Arts; Brian J. May, President’s Office; John C. Smith, Mathematics; and Susan C. Wilkinson, Nursing.

Recipients of 15-Year Service Awards were Mark A. Allen, Library; Jeffrey G. Boone, Communication and Mass Media; Sherri A. (Ginger) Bright, Kinesiology; Elsie M. Campbell, Mathematics; William M. Doll, Visual and Performing Arts; David A. Erickson, Small Business Development Center; Troy J. Hill, Athletics; Autumn M. Hoover, Mathematics; John E. Irish, Visual and Performing Arts; Cathy Johnson, Communication and Mass Media; Richard J. Lawrence, Management and Marketing; Harriet K. Lewis, Physical Therapy; Mary A. Lowe, College of Business; Anna R. Martinez, Athletics/Ticket Office; June M. Moore, Community Engagement; Janetta K. Paschal, Library; Terrance L. Queen, Facilities Management; Connie A. Russell, Biology; Ruben Sandoval, Facilities Management; Clayton R. Smith, Facilities Planning and Construction; Robert C. Smith, Facilities Management; Bryan P. Stephens, Information Technology; Alma L. Valdez, Political Science and Philosophy; Marcus G. West; University Police; and R. Russell Wilke, Biology.

The 10-Year Service Awards were presented to Susana Badiola, Political Science and Philosophy; Pauline B. Balderas, Development; Cynthia Y. Bishop, Mathematics; Curt S. Braden, Information Technology; Jeremy T. Brake, Information Technology; Kevin M. Brooks, Athletics; Patrick M. Dierschke, Information Technology; Paula J. Dowler, International Studies; Tonya J. Drost, College of Arts and Sciences; Stephen D. Emmons, Visual and Performing Arts; Landon K. Fisher, Information Technology; Nancy M. Grafa, Nursing; Ralph R. Hall, Visual and Performing Arts; David A. Huckaby, Mathematics; Glora A. Hummingbird, Library; Won-Jae Lee, Security Studies and Criminal Justice; Carol H. Mathews, Library; Richard M. Padilla, Facilities Management; Polyxena A. Riddle, Registrar’s Office; James D. Robertson, University Recreation; Natalie Z. Ryan, English and Modern Languages; Stacey S. Sauer, Purchasing and Operations; Rene R. Segoviano, Management and Marketing; Andrew J. Seifker, Mathematics; and Kristin G. Stanley, College of Health and Human Services.

Recipients of five-year Service Awards were Carol J. Antill, Freshman College; Erin L. Ashworth-King, English and Modern Languages; Tracy W. Baker, Housing and Residential Programs; Linda G. Bible, Central Receiving/Supply; Maggie E. Blair, College of Education; Mary A. Boyd, Budget Office; Rebekah F. Brackin, Communications and Marketing; Crystal M. Braden, Office of Accountability; Jennifer M. Braziel, Nursing; Carl E. Brion, University Police; Jacqueline G. Brown, Nursing; Jose A. Castro, Facilities Management; Kristi L. Cordell-McNulty, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work; David A. Faught, English and Modern Languages; Katherine M. Garrison, Facilities Management; Kevin G. Garrison, English and Modern Languages; Paul D. Hamilton, Housing and Residential Programs; Kenneth J. Heineman, History; Biqing Huang, Accounting, Economics and Finance; You-jou Hung, Physical Therapy; Carolyn L. Johnson, Budget Office; Jennifer E. Johnson, Student Involvement; Avis F. Johnson-Smith, Nursing; Woo-Jin Kang, Political Science and Philosophy; Robert H. LeGrand, Computer Science; Jennifer P. McAndrews, College of Graduate Studies; Deborah S. Motl, Admissions; and Laurence E. Musgrove, English and Modern Languages.

Also receiving five-year Service Awards were Kurtis R. Neal, Human Resources; Randolph R. Peters, English and Modern Languages; Jayna R. Phinney, Communications and Marketing; Charles A. Pier, Accounting, Economics and Finance; Jason E. Pierce, History; Jessica L. Pirkle, Enrollment Management; Christine L. Purkiss, Teacher Education; Ingrid A. Russo, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work; David N. Sanders, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work; Meredith K. Sanders, Facilities Planning and Construction; Katie L. Scott, Athletics; Thomas W. Starkey, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work; Alexandra Z. Talamantez, Management and Marketing; Wesley B. Tinney, Central Receiving/Supply; Julia M. Valles, Student Accounts/Bursar; Kristi M. White, College of Health and Human Services; Amy M. Williamson, Curriculum and Instruction; Kimberly A. Wirth, Library; Kristi J. Wolff, Honors Program; Jaclyn G. Wood, Athletics; Sallie R. Word, Travel Office; and Michael A. Yenny, Visual and Performing Arts.