Dr. Drew Curtis of the Angelo State University psychology faculty has co-authored a new textbook on abnormal psychology that has been published just in time for use in ASU classes during the upcoming fall semester.


The textbook is titled “Abnormal Psychology: Myths of ‘Crazy’” and was published earlier this month by Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. Curtis will be available to discuss the text during a book-signing event on Friday, Sept. 2, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the ASU Bookstore, which is located in the Houston Harte University Center, 1910 Rosemont Drive.

“Abnormal Psychology: Myths of ‘Crazy’” will be the primary textbook for ASU’s upper-level PSY 4305: Abnormal Psychology courses this fall.

“For over a century, movies and media have promoted myths of psychopathology and normalcy that have been absorbed into our daily perception,” Curtis said. “One of the goals of this book is to challenge students to reconsider the ideas they have concerning myths of ‘crazy’ and how these ideas developed. We want them to reflect on the humanity within abnormality rather than reducing people to a label and stripping them of their humanity.”

Curtis’ co-author for the textbook is Dr. Leslie Kelley, chair of the Behavioral and Cultural Sciences Department at North Central Texas College. Kelley will also be at the book-signing event on Sept. 2.

An ASU faculty member since August 2013, Curtis is an assistant professor of psychology and director of ASU’s nationally recognized counseling psychology graduate program. He has also been published in various psychology journals, including the International Journal for the Advancement of Counseling, Journal of Relationships Research, North American Journal of Psychology and American Journal of Psychological Research. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Sam Houston State University and his doctorate from Texas Woman’s University.

“Abnormal Psychology: Myths of ‘Crazy’” is available through Kendall Hunt and in the ASU Bookstore.