Have you heard? San Angelo is moving on up with it's very first craft beer festival slated for October 3rd! I personally can't stand the wait, and honestly am not sure I'll be able to stand on October 3rd either (Joking, of course. I'm obviously a consummate professional). As I continue to get myself both spiritually and psychologically prepared for the big day, here's some local-brewed, hand-crafted tunes that I think might get you in the craft beer fest mood.

7. Bad Liver and a Broken Heart - Hayes Carll

6. Drunk Girl - Rich O'Tool

5. Hangin' Around - Josh Abbott

4. When I Drink Beer - Mike Ryan

3. Lord Loves a Drinkin Man - Kevin Fowler

2. Fuzzy - Randy Rogers

1. Hell Yeah, I Like Beer - Kevin Fowler

So there you have it. Whether these songs helped to satiate you or made you salivate for a cold one, either way you're welcome. Don't forget to mark your calendar for the big day, October 3rd!