It's official, The National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong  in  Rochester, New York, has announced this year's 3 inductees. The first is a contraption that can be traced back to ancient Greece and other historic sources. Yes, it's the swing. Although, the equipment has evolved over time, kids as well as adults will tell you that it is still fun to to use, and provides a bit of exercise which is great for all ages.

Number 2 is:

Credit: Wizards Of The Coast, Amazon

The game, Dungeons & Dragons. First introduced in 1974, it turned out to be a groundbreaking role playing game. It would go on to inspire many of the electronic games we know today, including World of Warcraft.

Number 3:

Credit: Fisher-Price, Amazon

Little People from Fisher-Price. After being nominated 6 times, this year they finally made it in. They many be small in size, but since 1959, more that two billion Little People have been sold. For over 50 years, they've been providing small children with big adventures in their imaginations.

There you have it. The class of 2016 from The National Toy Hall Of Fame.