Company Printing is pleased to announce that July 2015 marks their 20th year in business in San Angelo. Owners Lorenzo and Leslie Lasater extend their sincere gratitude to the people and businesses of the Concho Valley for their loyalty and support.

The Lasaters purchased the company in July of 1995, which was located in a little building on Oakes Street that is now part of Sealy Flats. They had one full-time pressman and one part-time helper. The business moved to the current location on Knickerbocker in 1997. Expansions to that facility were undertaken in 2004 and 2009. The company has been blessed to grow and change through the years to become San Angelo’s leading printer.

As a full-service printer, Company Printing is honored to participate in a wide range of both personal and business events with their customers. They have been proud to work alongside as businesses have grown and honored to assist in important life events. They have helped with weddings, baby showers and funerals. They have watched your kids grow up in the annual Christmas Cards and graduation announcements.

A lot has happened in 20 years of print. When Company Printing began, adding a second color was considered very high-end and full color was extremely expensive. Now much of the printing is full color and at very reasonable prices. The copiers became digital, the darkroom disappeared and direct mail transitioned from hand-sorted to automated. The company happily survived the prophesized “end of print”, Y2K and an area code change. They heard about the death of direct mail and are grateful that it’s now stronger than ever. Like in your businesses, they have had to continually reinvent and improve to remain useful to their customers.  Company Printing is proud to still be printing and honored to be a part of the fabric of this community.

To have a little fun with this milestone, the company is conducting a contest to see who can bring in the oldest printed piece from Company Printing. Just drop it by to receive a free gift and be entered the grand prize drawing.

They are also holding informal open houses on the Friday mornings of July 10th and 24th. Please join them for coffee and donuts, a nickel tour if you like, and receive a free 20th anniversary commemorative coffee cup!

The Lasaters and their staff wish to extend heartfelt “thank you” to the citizens and businesses of the Concho Valley for 20 great years!

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