Wednesday afternoon, the NFL announced it has suspended Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy. The 10-game suspension, without pay, is “for conduct detrimental to the league in violation of the NFL Constitution and By-Laws, the NFL Player Contract, and the NFL Personal Conduct Policy.”

Hardy had faced charges of assault and threatening his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder, this past February. However, the charges were dismissed when Holder could not be located to testify at the trial.

In the NFL's letter to Hardy, explaining the suspension, reported: “The NFL’s investigation concluded that Hardy violated the Personal Conduct Policy by using physical force against Nicole Holder in at least four instances. First, he used physical force against her which caused her to land in a bathtub. Second, he used physical force against her which caused her to land on a futon that was covered with at least four semi-automatic rifles.”

Following the suspension, team owner/general manager Jerry Jones released a statement about Hardy:

"This suspension is something that we anticipated prior to Greg’s signing, and we respect the Commissioner’s ruling," he said. “Our organization understands the very serious nature of this matter. We will use our resources--work closely with Greg and with the league--to ensure a positive outcome.”

Hardy's suspension officially starts in early September and he can appeal the decision.